Aqua Zumba – How Many Calories Do I Burn?

Several people have asked about caloric burn in Aqua Classes; here is some info from Maria Browning, one of our Zumba Education Specialists (This info has been paraphrased) … It is hard to know the exact number of calories burned during an aqua fitness class. There are many variables to this, such as a person’s body fat, intensity during the workout, buoyancy, etc. Special equipment is typically needed to calculate this. You are getting an intense cardiovascular exercise in an aqua class, similar to the one on land. The big differences are you are not “physically sweating” and your heart rate is not going up as high due to the temp of the water. Resistance training, which Aqua Zumba is, increases your metabolism and helps you burn calories even hours after your training. This is one of the extra benefits you get while taking an Aqua Zumba class that you don’t get from class on land.

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